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Aerofly FS 1  - flight simulator

Aerofly FS 1 has received various reviews and awards
Mac or Windows - it´s your choice!

The versatility of the Aerofly FS 1 does not stop at the real computer world. The new IKARUS simulator aerofly FS runs under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and on Intel-based Apple Mac computers running Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8.

For those who can't live without their Aerofly FS 1 on trips, we've created the possibility to control the aircraft via mouse pad, no matter whether operating on Windows or Mac. YOU have the choice.
Mountain and city names

Switzerland and tourism, two things which are closely intertwined. If you want to find a popular vacation spot, or even enjoy the view from the Matterhorn toward the central Alps you will quickly appreciate the imposed mountain and city names. More than 10,000 names of all the mountains and cities are available at your fingertip's.

As soon as you activate the autopilot and look in external mode at the aircraft flying in this fascinating high-resolution, photo-realistic scenery, you are practically on vacation!
From beginner to expert

A flight simulator for all! True to this motto, you can adjust the degree of simulation realism on the Aerofly FS 1

If the pilot selects the "expert" mode he will enjoy the full benefit of the unique flight physics and has full control over all rudder functions. Flying in "beginner" mode the Aerofly FS 1 assists by stabilizing the rudder, easing the stall characteristics and reducing the rudder effect.
Panoramic view

With the touch of a button you can switch between different camera views on each of the planes. Sit in the pilot or co-pilot seat or even in the rear of the Cessna. Or watch the flight in follow mode. In cockpit view you can also make a quick panoramic view or a long lasting camera pan to the side or up and down
Head tracking support

The Aerofly FS 1 simulator supports TrackIR, which is one of the most widely available head tracking system for PCs. With the infrared transmitter on the monitor and the reflectors on a baseball cap you can control the camera view in the direction left/right or up/down. If you move with your head toward the monitor, the image is zoomed in. Move away a little, the view is increased again. The Aerofly FS 1 is compatible with the hardware of the TrackIR4 and TrackIR5 systems.
Flight information and Moving Map

All cockpit instruments of all aircraft show real-time values. Via a simple key combination you can have the most important flight information data displayed. Besides speed and altitude it also includes among others the current flap setting, throttle position and course. The Moving Map will assist orientation both in the cockpit or in a separate window. "North Up" or "TrackUp", map zoom and airfield markings simplify orientation.
Animated pilots and autopilot

Each of our aircraft cockpits is always occupied by a pilot, if you don't sit at the controls yourself, whether it's because you have selected the co-pilot position or watch the flight from the outside perspective. Our pilots even take over the active control when you activate the two-stage autopilot.

In the first stage of the autopilot stabilizes the plane and you need only to determine the aircraft attitude and heading. In the second stage the autopilot always brings the aircraft back into a horizontal attitude and maintains the course fully automatic.
Take your seat in the cockpit!

The feeling of sitting in the cockpit is enhanced by numerous camera options. Choose between pilot and co-pilot view and take a look at the scenery to the side or look up and down.

Since the cameras are installed in Aerofly FS 1 exactly at the head position, the impression of actually sitting in the cockpit is perfect. Camera panning and zoom allow you to adjust the view so that you can see both the surrounding environment and keep the instruments in view.
Flight challenges

Face the many challenges on Aerofly FS 1 and you may win bronze, silver or even gold trophies. Take-off followed by a climb-out, full circle with steady climbing, pattern procedure and spot landing are the basic challenges.
Those who succeeded here can approach the flight training challenges in the glider, jet, or even take up aerobatics. All challenges have the interactive monitoring and evaluation by the simulator in common.

The flight challenges are explained and show pop-up instructions for the procedure as well as distance markers. Upon reaching the final marker, points are awarded and the timer stops. Those pilots who won all gold trophies, may rightly call themselves a professional!
Many special functions

The aircraft seem to come alive in Aerofly FS 1  lfrom the detail and many special features. Whether it's the intricate F-18 landing gear, the F18 animated afterburner, the tubular construction of the Extra 300, the flaps of the Yodel, the retractable auxiliary engine of the Discus bM and many, many more.

All special features of the aircraft are fully integrated into the physical simulation. Flaps act like their original, rudders gradually lose control with decreasing flight speed and when on the ground and the brake is applied to decelerate the machine, just watch the nose gear suspension dip in.
Versatile control

In terms of control the Aerofly FS 1 is versatile like no other flight simulator. The program recognizes automatically any standard joystick. Simply connect the joystick to an available USB port and start the program. The function assignment is accomplished with an intuitive and easy to use user interface.

Modelers who already have a GameCommander or a USB interface cable of one of the IKARUS RC flight simulators can also use them, of course.

With the third control alternative via keyboard and mouse, you can even fly all aircraft without any special hardware. This is ideal for traveling, when taking Aerofly FS 1  with you on your notebook.
You select the flight conditions

In Aerofly FS 1 you can freely select wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, thermal, fog, visibility and clouds. The density of the cloud cover as well as its thickness or their lower limit altitude are fully adjustable. The best about all this: these freely adjustable parameters are directly incorporated into the simulation. The wind simulation takes even the local geography into account. Together with the thermal simulation and the turbulence a real environment is generated within which the aircraft are moving.

As a glider pilot “search” for thermals and take advantage of updrafts along the slopes. If desired, you can even visually display the wind field including thermals!
Animated instruments

A key issue for the developers of Aerofly FS 1 is documented by the impressively animated instruments. All basic instruments (speed, altitude, heading, climbing, artificial horizon, turn indicator) show the real values just as type-specific instruments (rpm, g-meter, vario and more) and are fully functional, of course. This allows both visual and instrument flight training.
The perfect appearance

The endless details of the aircraft in Aerofly FS 1 will inspire you. Take a look at the perfectly replicated finish of the F18, the weathering marks on the Sopwith, or the little paint chips on the Pitts, the interior of the Cessna, the glider cockpit, the retractable engine of the Discus bM, the landing gear of the F-18 and many other details.
Experience flight simulation in perfection! You will be impressed by the awesome flight physics and the gorgeous graphics. Jump into the cockpit and enjoy roaming the skies above the wonderful country of Switzerland with its gorgeous mountains and deep valleys and master thrilling flight challenges.

With Aerofly FS 1 you fly in a real environment. The entire 41,285 (15,940 sq.miles) of Switzerland are available down to a resolution of 3 feet. Virtually all Swiss airports are equipped with landing strips, which are reproduced to their exact dimensions. Among them are numerous selected airports, which feature buildings and hangars as well as correct taxiways. The scenery is displayed in such high resolution and photo realistic appearance making it basically impossible to distinguish whether the scenery is virtual or real.
Aerofly FS 1 Flight Simulator Trailer
Aerofly FS 1 at a glance