A320 Turbo-Fan Engines Finally Off

We're off to a great start into 2020 and it's literally getting colder here.

Just before Christmas Marc had a present for me:

A fan component for our new turbo-engine simulation.

This is the most important of the last few missing pieces in the series of our engine building blocks. With this fan component I'm now able to set up turbo fan engines that can be turned off and hopefully back on as well. This paves the way towards more cold and dark capable aircraft such as the A320, LJ45 and even the new B777.

Especially the A320 and the Learjet have already been prepared for this and most of their systems already simulate the "off-state" of the engine. You can already turn off the generators in both of these aircraft and have actual system failures associated with that. But now it's all coming together and the last missing puzzle piece is added.

Here are two screenshots from the A320 with both engines actually being off for the first time.

This is right after the both engines hit 0% N1 and N2:

And because it was already implemented before the display switches to X's after about 5 minutes.

Stay tuned for more updates along the way!

This is just a small inside for you, this not yet finished obviously and could take quite some time until it becomes available for you.