Just Flight Falke SF25 now available on Steam!

The Scheibe SF-25 Falke is a German two seat touring motor glider.

The Propair Falke SF-25 is a true virtual copy of this famous glider and comes in three different variants:

  • SF-25B - simplest aircraft with Limbach 1700A engin
  • SF-25C - two main gear set-up with stronger Limbach 2000A engine
  • SF-25E - foldable long-wing version with better soaring capability

This two-seat glider is capable of both powered and unpowered flight - get ready to perform a normal powered take-off and then soar from thermal to thermal exploring the limits of this training aircraft.

Each aircraft includes a great sound set recorded from the real aircraft, accurate performance and operation and authentic design.

These three aircraft are now available as a single downloadable content (DLC) package from Steam

for a limited time discount until the 16th May 2020.

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