Featured EUROPE, MISSIONS AND TIME SKIP- Aerofly FS Development Teaser #6 (iOS Screenshots)

In the upcoming major versions for Aerofly FS for PC and mobile you will be able to select flights based on real world airline connections in Europe as well as fly several hand made flight missions for other aircraft. And best of all you won't have to sit through hours of cruise flight, instead you will be able to skip the boring parts and discover many new and exciting places in quick succession.

Huge European Scenery

New flying regions in Europe with more than 800 airports combined!

  • Central Europe: France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Corsica
  • South/West: Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Italy, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands
  • British Isles: United Kingdom, Ireland
  • Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and also Island
  • East Europe: Poland, Czechia, Slovenia, Croatia

The default app will include the most important European airports such as London Heathrow, Frankfurt, etc. and will be about 4 GB in size.

Each additional scenery region adds higher resolution aerial images and smaller airports in that region.


Don't know where to fly next?

Choose from thousands of real world airline flight connections and set the aircraft, location, navigation route and flight conditions quickly and easily

  • New missions menu with recommended missions based on time of day, famous destinations, challenges, previous flights, user experience and what's 'nearby'
  • Browse scheduled flights on the map, select specific flights from departures and arrivals at an airport
  • Or pick an aircraft first and get recommended flights for that aircraft

Dozens of hand made challenges with preset navigation routes, time of day and weather conditions.

  • The more regions you install the more challenges become available, too.
  • Example missions: Gibraltar approach, Innsbruck circling approach, London City steep approach, delivery flight, etc.

Time Skip

When you selected a mission or when you manually created a custom route with the navigation menu you will be able to save a lot of valuable time with the new time skip feature. With the press of a button you can skip along and don't have to wait for hours to arrive at the destination.

  • New time skip button (and key assignment for PC users)
  • Aircraft state is preserved
  • Flaps and gear are retracted or extended as needed
  • Autopilot is set to follow the route
  • Works great in combination with the copilot

Happy flying!