Featured Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator Steam Version - Coming Soon for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Dear Aerofly users,

We are happy to announce that Aerofly FS 4 is finally being released on Steam in June 2022.

Currently we are in the final testing and optimization phase to ensure that you get

a reliable and good performing Flight Simulator.

Steam Versions

Aerofly FS 4 will be available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux right away.

On Mac OS we also support the new Apple M1 computers natively.

Even though Aerofly FS 4 is not released as an 'Early Access' title on Steam,

we intend to add more content and features in the upcoming months.

Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator on Steam
Fly complex airliners, helicopters, jets, gliders, historical and aerobatic aircraft across the photorealistic world of Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator! Pick…

Add-Ons / DLCs

Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator will have several free scenery DLCs

that offer greater resolution aerial images and the Europe region.

Aerofly FS 4 - Scenery: Europe Part 1 on Steam
Expand your Aerofly FS 4 scenery with over 800 detailed European airports, aerial images, building and tree data.

Additionally there will be a payware Aircraft AddOn that includes the most

advanced airliners which have taken a lot of development time and effort.

Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator - Aircraft AddOn on Steam
Expand your Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator fleet with the A380, 787 Dreamliner, 747 Jumbojet, CRJ-900, F18C and Extra 330LX. This Add-On is the right choice for…

Up to Date Vulkan Graphics Engine

On the technical side, Vulkan is now the default renderer, which has quite a few advantages,

especially considering we are now rendering a lot more objects. You will notice a much

smoother performance while flying, if new regions are loaded in the background.

Compared to Aerofly FS 2 you should see a lot less stuttering.

Aerofly FS 4 offers an increased number of objects, trees and lighting effects which

are more demanding but at the same time more optimizations have been added.

For that reason, in order for Aerofly FS to run smoothly, we do recommend

at least 4 GB of GPU RAM to be on the safe side, this might change in the future.

Please note that the graphics quality settings have been shifted to make full use of

the latest high end High End NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. If you have previously used a

quality setting of 'Ultra' within Aerofly FS 2 and don't have a powerful graphics card,

you might need to set a lower graphics quality setting in Aerofly FS 4. You'll still see

tons of objects even with lower than 'Ultra' graphics but get a much better framerate.

Now let's get back to work and ensure we will meet the release data :)

We'll leave you for now with a few more new screenshots.