A320, B777 and B747 MCDU Navigation Fix Info

We're continuing development after the Christmas holiday and one of the features I always wanted to do is having navigation fixes. You'll soon be able to select multiple navigation fixes, e.g. a waypoint, VOR, NDB or airport and then draw a radial line through it and range rings on the navigation display.


This is used by real world pilots to estimate the distance to an airport. For example a 15NM ring is often used where you want to be slow down for approach speed giving you enough time to prepare for landing. Another example would be to judge which airport is closest for a possible diversion.

This feature will be available in the B777 and B747 on the MCDU by pressing the "FIX" button. You can then add the identifier in the top left where you want to set up the fix information. Then simply set a radial (e.g. "360") and/or a range by tying the distance in nautical miles with a slash in front (e.g. "/15" for 15NM).

In the A320 go to the flight plan page, click on any waypoint or your present position (PPOS) and select the "FIX INFO". Type in the identifier just like in the B777 or B747 and then select your radial or radius to start drawing on the navigation display.