Aerofly Life Project - Version 1.7 NOW AVAILABLE !

Greetings everyone,

It's here, the next version of my 'Aerofly Life' project!

I've added plenty of new goodies for everyone to enjoy since the initial release. Listing everything new would be boring so I would like to see who the most observant individuals are; can you spot the changes?

Click on this LINK to install Aerofly Life V1.7. Use the download icon to begin download

This is still in progress so look out for even more updates and fixes soon.

To install, download the file, unzip it into your documents/Aerofly FS2 scenery/places folder and head on over to your favorite South Florida airport.

NOTE- Please make sure that you completely remove Aerofly Life 1.0 if you already have it installed. Also, as I haven't released all of the airport locations yet, this demo is only for the following airports; Key West International, Key West NAS, Marathon, Tavernaero, Ocean Reef, and ARB. More will come soon!

I hope you enjoy this taste of the future :)

Update! - I will be releasing a full tutorial very soon so that you all can add moving traffic to your own projects. Please remember, this is still a work in progress and there may be some bugs, but for the most part you will find the life added to the scenery is quite spectacular. Look for a new version soon as well!

Here is a video posted by ikbenik that shows this in action.

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