3RD Party Developer Recognition Spotlight

Today we would like to acknowledge a dedicated member of your community and one of the many freeware developers that takes their own time to make scenery for all of you to benefit from without asking for anything in return. The member's name is Michael, and goes by the screen name of


Today marks his day of recognition for the countless contributions that he has made. His contributions show what a little bit of dedication can do for Aerofly FS2. On behalf of the entire IPACS team we would like to both congratulate and thank Michael for his fabulous work with cultivation, and for motivating others to join in.

Michael is definitely not the only community developer that has contributed countless hours to improve our fine product, so credit to others should not be diminished in any way. We will focus on more community developers in future spotlight blogs.

Here is some of the wonderful work that Michael has given the community!

IPACS Development Team Member

I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.