Community Spotlight Re-post

Greetings Fellow Flight Simmers!

We wanted to re-post the 'Community Spotlight' blog from our old location to show are continued appreciation to our wonderful dedicated community. So for those of you who still aren't sure about the customization abilities of Aerofly FS, have a look at what the community made by use of our free SDK tools

Let's begin with user-made aircraft. It took a while since we released our SDK for the community to learn how to successfully build and design an aircraft from scratch, but with the will of many talented individuals waiting for someone to build an aircraft is a thing of the past. Here are some examples of what's being done:

Information on Krzysztof's growing fleet of converted aircraft and Development Thread

Here are two of the many aircraft that he has done

Here is the F104G Starfighter by larrylynx. This was a spectacular effort.

Link to the F104G Progress Thread

Scenery projects have also been a hot topic but there are a few community developers that have taken it a step further by developing free tools that make it very easy for anyone to make your own scenery. These wonderful tools really compliment our SDK tool set. Here are a few:


This application was designed by nickhod and is a must for anyone that wants to make their own scenery to fly over.

One of the many threads dedicated to this continuing project can be found HERE

Another important application developed by spit40 is called FSCloudPort

This application allows for you to make your own basic airports using a host of scenery objects. What's better is that everyone's creations are available on a cloud based database for download.

The FSCloudPort support thread can be found HERE

Here are some very special projects that were community team efforts. This shows what can be accomplished with Aerofly.

Apollo 50 Scenery Project

The development page can be found HERE

This community effort has everything but the kitchen sink! All made with user made tools.

Another highly detailed community created scenery package is the South Florida Power Plant. This was another team effort with a lot of detail.

The development thread can be found HERE

These are just a few of the community projects that were recently released for free, but this is just a small snippet of that the community is doing to enhance the experience of Aerofly FS2. There are also many cultivation projects going on, repaints, large high-quality scenery projects, more aircraft, and even more custom tools to make things easier. We have seen some great achievements from some very talented individuals, and we don't see any slow down. So does the Aerofly future look bright, YOU BET CHA!

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On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.