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Aerofly FS Development Corner
A320 Turbo-Fan Engines Finally Off
We're off to a great start into 2020 and it's literally getting colder here.

Just before Christmas Marc had a present for me:
A fan component for our new turbo-engine simulation.

This is the most important of the last few missing pieces in the series of our engine building blocks. With this fan component I'm now able to set up turbo fan engines that can be turned off and hopefully back on as well. This paves the way towards more cold and dark capable aircraft such as the A320, LJ45 and even the…

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Aerofly FS Tutorials
Boeing 777-300ER Flight Tutorial now online in the Aerofly FS Wiki
Heyo 8)

The Boeing 777-300ER flight tutorial is now available in our wiki:…aircraft:boeing_777-300er

The tutorial takes between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours depending on whether you rush it and skip ahead or you decide to watch the autopilot fly at cruise and to enjoy Colorado, Utah and California. The region in Aerofly FS is certainly big 8)

This aircraft is certainly something for the beginner and advanced user at the same time. The electronic checklist feature sure helps a…

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Aerofly FS Development Corner
A320, B777 and B747 MCDU Navigation Fix Info
We're continuing development after the Christmas holiday and one of the features I always wanted to do is having navigation fixes. You'll soon be able to select multiple navigation fixes, e.g. a waypoint, VOR, NDB or airport and then draw a radial line through it and range rings on the navigation display.


This is used by real world pilots to estimate the distance to an airport. For example a 15NM ring is often used where you want to be slow down for approach speed giving you enough…

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New Aerofly FS Add-Ons and DLCs
Radar Contact - Air Traffic Control (ATC) for Aerofly FS 2
Radar Contact (RC) is now available for Aerofly FS 2 which adds the first air traffic control into your sim. This payware add-on connects RC with Aerofly and provides ATC service for your flight.

Please visit their website Aerofly FS2 RC ATC for further information.

To quote from the developer Karl Nietsch (AdvResGrpDev) himself:
"The product leverages the exceptional air traffic control experience of Radar Contact v4 by providing a bridge between it and Aerofly FS 2 (AFS2).

Before touching on…

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