AC3D Airport Design Package and Tutorial

- AC3D Design Files - xref Library Files - Cultivation Files - Scenery Files - Tutorials

This package includes a full data set of airport design for Aerofly FS 2.

Find descriptions on how to add a runway, buildings and lights in this set. If you want to design your own airport, you need additionally the Aerofly FS 2 SDK kit. You’ll find this HERE

The featured airport is the David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, KDWH

20803 Stuebner Airline Rd, Spring, north Houston, TX 77379, USA.

  • introduction into colour management of satellite imagery. How to generate better sceneries for flight sims
    and avoid greenish/brownish landscapes.

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  • please add upload instructions title next to versions.
    key question for me is how to preview before sharing.

  • Wow. This is a most outstanding addition of features for the users. This is actually 3 or more programs wrapped up in the one dowload, plus the excellent David Wayne Hooks airport ready to use with the smooth runway and neighborhood houses all lit up. Wait 'til you make the approach to the north at night - It looks and feels like a totally new flight sim.

    We owe Rodeo a lot of graditude. He didn't just write the tutorial and hand us a completed airport design, he was the unending driving force that made it all happen.

    This is probably the most important leap foward for Aerofly FS 2 to date. When coupled with the outstanding GeoConverter program and tutorials we can now fly anywhere in the world. The hidden gem is that we can now build an airport anyplace on earth, complete with realistic runways, hangars, buildings and static aircraft. After adding trees, shrubs, and lighting it no longer looks flat and barren.

    Thanks Rodeo for all the hard work and creative approaches with your tutorials. Btw, Hooks airport is an excellent choice - perfect location, beautiful surrounding scenery, and available facilities. I have flown in and out of this airport many times in the real world. I think I have played every one of the surrounding golf courses that you will see during your approaches.

    The Houston metro area has some of the best high definition scenery available anywhere, and totally free using USGS downloads with GeoConverter processing.

    Highly recommended.