Problem with data sources?

  • Heya guys Ive just been experimenting with little pockets of areas at random (North West of the Rockies) and although I am getting great scenery in mountainous areas I think this could be a problem with the data source used which was Virtual Earth. Im going to try the same area with Google but Im not sure if there are any tiles even found for this area which seems to be the case a lot of the time with google. This is why I have been inquiring about different data sources to use in FSET and how to add them. The photo scenery is all lovely n stuff but unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired as far as the source images go, It is largely hit and miss. People should be aware of this before they waste a lot of time doing huge areas just to find they have massive colour differences/clouds etc. As you can see in the area image I have three different strips of the same area but clearly different, All downloaded in the one hit of course:) I had no Idea that it would turn out like this UNTIL I put it into the sim. Not moaning at all just saying

  • Yes, unfortunately this is the nature of the beast. The USGS data sources appear to be better consistency in imagery but IMO it's a bit bland. FSET on the other hand is nicer but in some areas it's not consistent.

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  • Thankyou Jeff I am going to contact our data source here in New Zealand (LINZ) and e-mail them a screenshot of the FSET ini file to see if I can use LINZ as a data source for home scenery in NZ within FSET I assume Aero fly does accomodate programmes other than FSET? Only because it seems that USGS requires a different programme that's all😎 absolutely loving this Sim guys keep up the astonishing work it will be worth it😊