questions about scenery size/level in geoconvert

  • Hi everyone,

    Created some Idaho scenery in FSET @ level 3. The size is 87 Gb hd space. I converted it @ level 11 with geoconvert and this resulted in a 7.5 Gb scenery size.

    I'm trying level 12 right now and that will result in a approx 13 Gb scenery size. Question is: what efeect does the level 12 have on this scenery? I mean the resolution of the fset tiles is the limiting factor......

    Will level 12 result in higher quality scenery? 13 Gb is larger then 7.5 Gb obviously.

    Thanks for your thought!


  • Imagine your on high altitude, there you will see only level 9, you descent to an airport, the lower you go the more detail

    scenery you will see; level 11... lower 12 kicks in etc. at 1000 feet it gets really detailed, your on level 14 now, just before touchdown

    you see level 15. That is the idea about FS2's levels. the bigger the level number the more detail thus the more Gb's.

    So it is recommended to do more than one level but I doubt if FSET level 3 is enough for the higher FS2 GeoConvert levels.

  • My guess is that FSET level 3 is about 3m/pixel, and goes well with Geoconvert levels 8, 11, and 12. It is great for fly-over scenery but you definitely want to use level 1 for detailed areas around airports, and use levels 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14 in Geoconvert, which at its level 14 corresponds to 1m/pixel.

    It's all about how much time and space you are willing to give over to making and housing the scenery.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    If I use level 14 on the fset 3 tiles, that would not make any sense I guess. Geoconvert is creating level 14 scenery then with low resolution tiles. My question is, what is geoconvert trying to convert then? I mean, the resolution I present to geoconvert is the limiting factor. Geoconvert cannot make that any better..



  • It will be better than the default scenery but for level 14 you better use -1

    Or maybe better, you do the levels 9 and 11 with that big chunk you have and download

    a new small -1 one around the airport and do 12-13-14-15 with that.

  • Related to Clayton4115's question... When we fly in stock scenery, say over the UK, or Canada, or even Montana and Florida in the USA, what settings in FSET and Geoconvert would create the exact same look/resolution? If we had that information it would be a starting point for larger area conversion.

    - Kenneth

  • Hi,

    the left listing derives from FSET, the right one is my assumption of aerofly.

    In my opinion it does not make sense to run levels 13, 14 on FSET4. It will work, but cannot create the expected resolution.

    It will just inflate the existing data. Although I also used FSET4 for central Europe just to have a better base imagery at levels 9 and 11.


  • I understand that the scenery tiles (all levels) are 2048 x 2048 pixels. At mid latitudes a level 10 tile is about 16 x 16 miles, level 11 is 8 x 8 miles ..... down to level 15, which is about 0.5 x 0.5 miles. (0.5 miles = 800 metres.) If you divide the size of the tile by 2048 you get the pixel size on the ground. I guess the pixel size/resolution of the highest level used needs to be smaller than the FSET resolution in order to fully take advantage of the latter? Also the overall resolution can't be any better than the FSET resolution, no matter how high the level of the tiles. That's the way I see it anyway - but I'm a relative novice, so could be wrong.

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