Problems in setting up Airport: does not show up in Aerofly Maps

  • Hi,

    First of all: I really appreciate the geoconvert-tool and also the HELPER tool, which makes things quite easy.

    I generated an own area, which is now also displayed in my AF2. Good !

    Now I tried to set up an own airport, using the template from the WIKI.

    I entered all coordinates etx as described, made an subfolder in "places" and placed my TSC file in that.

    path: ... Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\Melle_EDXG

    See also the TSC file attached. (filetype chaned to txt, my original is TSC)

    But nothing happens. I cannot see the airport in the AF2 map, even if I zoom in to most detail.

    Did I forget something or is the TSC file wrong ?

    Thanks for feedback.

    BTW: nice community !!

    THANKS !!


  • I helped someone before with this but I can't find the tread..

    OK, for one you have to turn around your coordinates,

    You have [52.2008516 8.3862769]

    Should be: [8.3862769 52.2008516]

    Change them all and let me know if it works, there can be more things wrong :)

  • YEESSS ! thanks a lot

    Changing the order of coordinates and also putting all to minor letters made it work.

    Just for curiosity:

    do I always have to siwtch the order of the coordinates which I get from other sources or could I go for

    [string8][coordinate_system][latlon] instead of


    The wiki and the TSC sample file in the WIKI could be a bit misleading for neebies like me.

  • That latlon thing would be easy but I have not tried.

    I went for the option to turn them around.

    In a .tsc file from the NY area I saw another coordinate system, forgot

    wat it was and I do not know what other systems you can use.

    Maybe just try your idea with a copy?

    Yes they tell you to copy your coordinates assuming we have all the lats

    and lons of all 4 corners of the earth in our head.

    Tip of the day; don't forget to also copy the minus sign if you go outside Western Europe :)