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  • This thread is intended simply as a public thank you to the team at IPACS and to user admoore63 for building FS2 in the first place, then providing the GeoConvert tool and a helper app along with a step-by-step tutorial to make it so straightforward to create our own scenery. There's nothing like flying around familiar places to make a simulation feel all the more real.

    My first attempt has been a simple "Resolution 1" grab of 38x31nm of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand and in just a few hours I've gone from a blurry default to a perfectly acceptable and recognisable slice of paradise! Sure, there are some issues and I'll need to have another crack with multiple layers at different resolutions, some alpha-blending to sort out the joins (especially with so much sea!), but what an amazing thing to be able to create even a basic chunk of scenery that's a bit rough around the edges! After that it'll be on to some 3D modelling to get Kerikeri airport looking a little less flat and then who knows... maybe a few more buildings around the area to make things look even better at low levels.

    I've only owned FS2 for a few weeks and all the activity and interest around this simulator is great to see. I love the VR experience. The range of aircraft is already wonderful. The involvement of OrbX is a hugely positive sign, too. I check the forums most days to see what other goodies are coming my way and the passion on display is inspirational. It's clear that this is a product that has a great future and I'm excited to be part of that journey.

    So, thank you again to all those involved in the creation of these wonderful toys! I wish you nothing but the greatest success.

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    Thank you for your public thank you and welcome to our forums, it's always gratifying to see all of our hard work actually means something. We have all been busy all with different roles but the true hero's here are Torsten and Marc, these are the two guys that do the majority of the coding and heavy lifting. As for the geoconvert tool, lets not forget the huge role that 'Rodeo' (Karl-Heinz) played with this tool. Rodeo also made most of the tutorials for the tool and spent a lot of time troubleshooting (along with myself) to insure the tool was "public worthy" and meets the IPACS standards of quality.

    There will be a lot of new "goodies" coming in the upcoming months that will push the envelope even further, so check back often :)

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.