Just a few observations / questions.

  • First of all, what a fantastic sim. Brilliant in fact. These are not complaints, more observations to see if I'm doing something wrong. All with ORCV1.

    1. Have noticed with Switzerland scenery that the dreaded blurries appear over large areas. Was hoping this would never happen with Aerofly. Defrag completed.

    2. When looking at clouds they rotate with my head movements, when at same, or similar altitude.

    3. The F15 sound volume is very low and bass'y.

    4. When looking directly below out of the cockpit the scenery judders, but if I follow the scenery with head movement, front to rear, then it is perfectly smooth. V sync no change.

    5. Is it possible to move forward whilst in your seat? I'm too far back.

    6. Is there a pushback feature? I started a flight in the 747 at the parked position but was unable to move.

    Thanks for any help, tips.

    i7 OC to 4.2 ghz.

    1080 video.

    16 RAM

    2 TB HDD

  • 1. Perhaps what you are seeing is the area outside of Switzerland: the sharp terrain follows the border quite exactly so at some moments you may fly over the default low res world terrain which looks blurry indeed. Defrag won't help there. You shouldn't have 'real' blurries in this sim like in FSX/P3D.

    2. Correct. The clouds are placeholders for something better to come (though not anytime soon).

    3. I never fly fighter planes. ;)

    4. Er... no idea. I use VR and never have judders afaik.

    5. You can assign keys to the Move commands in the Control options View tab. You can move yourself in all possible directions.

    6. No. But in some planes you can (mis)use the reverse thruster to push yourself back. ;) Hopefully one day we will have a proper pushback option.

  • 4. No space ship reverse thrusters on airplanes, only thrust reversers

    LOL Is there a difference? Sorry for my bad English and thanks for the correction. ;)

    And I might give your F-15 a try someday. ;)