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  • I really like Aerofly FS2, it is the best what I have seen during my flight sim career which is quite long.

    But there is something I dislike the longer I am using this flight sim: the cockpit windows. In my opinion the cockpit windows in most of the planes show to much reflection. It is great what is possible today codewise, however it takes away from the possible immersion. There is this great landscape outside but the windows changes it to kind of milky. That's why I often fly with the outside view in order to see the fantastic landscape. IRL we look outside and focus on the distance, on the near mountain or a building and we do not see so much the reflections, we oversee them in a way. However on the screen we focus to the close surface of the screen and hence we see the annoying reflections.




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  • Agreed. Although not all planes are totally bad. But some reflections are over the top, really. And specially in VR this looks strange because you clearly see how the reflections are painted on the window. Very odd. I would LOVE it if you could remove those reflections. I wouldn't mind the reflections at all if they were real reflections but they aren't.

    The milky view you get with some planes also is a bit of a problem but that effect does change depending on the light so that's at least a bit realistic.

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    The window transparency seen is actually very realistic, especially on a sunny day. A while back we experimented and tested different variations of transparency and the result is if the windows transparency is lightened up from where it is currently, you can't see the window at all. This greatly affects aircraft like the Extra 330 where you are sitting in a dome.

    You can adjust this transparency by hand though in the main.mcf file if you don't like the current setting but I wouldn't recommend it.

    I do agree about the static faint image of the cockpit on them though, they should be real reflections if anything.

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