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  • Hi all,

    meanwhile I've created my Aerofly user scenery folder somewhere on my harddrives other than c:\users\documents.

    But as we go on downloading or creating scenery, it may be useful to seperate the scenery files.

    My Aerofly\scenery\images folder currently is 115 gig and if I start using FSET for some larger areas it will be the same very soon.

    I think it may work like this: The user defines his own folder as it is now. But the sim than doesn't look for

    a scenery folder in it, but looks for all subfolders containing a scenery folder.

    In this case the tree would be like this:



    puerto rico\scenery and so on.

    It would be possible to activate and deactivate scenery by simply copying it's folder into the userfolder or cutting it out.

    And, most important: We have the images and stuff for each scenery seperated.

    Happy flying


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  • You should be doing this now.

    Place each scenery package that you complete in its own folder. example; if you finish a Colorado scenery in geoconvert, you should place the resulting files into a folder called 'Colorado'

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  • But what you are asking already works...

    in the main.mcf file define "extra_user_folder" as:


    Then on your storage device have your scenery folders:




    And in colorado you have the subfolder \places and \images for all the colorado files and in "puerto_rico" you can have the same subfolders for the files just for puerto rico.... Then the files for Colorado and Puerto Rico are never mixed...

    If you move the folder puerto_rico out of that scenery folder it will no longer be displayed in the sim, and if you move it back in or add a new folder with new scenery files in there they should just work out of the box. You could even add subfolders like: X:\aerofly\scenery\usa\colorado or X:\aerofly\scenery\america\usa\colorado . From my experience all subfolders of the scenery folder are looked into by the sim, drhotwing1 (IPACS) can you confirm this?

  • yes of course, but in this case I have to insert it to the main configuration file. And all other folders as well.




    I think this is a misunderstanding.

    You don't have to specify different scenery folders in the main config.

    See this post:

    User Defined Custom Folder Location Setting Added to Aerofly FS2 (Main.MCF)

    Your structure would be:

    X:\userfolder ..........entry in main config file



    You can add many different image subfolders.

    As soon as you move the folder colorado out of its place, it will not be loaded.


  • Hi all,

    so this is very good what you say because it already works. Thank you all.

    And there are a few different possibilities to do it. I'll try this out. :)

    Happy flying


    PC: FX8350, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, OS SSD, HD 4,5 TB, Win10-64

    SIMs: Aerofly FS2, FS9, FSX, FSXSE, P3Dv3, Xplane11