Using FSWidgets

  • I would love this application and it's available to buy on Steam.....only one problem for me, it only works on Windows 8 and above!!! I have 7. Anyone know if there is an old version available anywhere that i could use, that's if there was one?!


    It says "OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal is now OVRdrop! The new version only supports Windows 8 or above".

    That makes it sound like this previous version works with older versions of Windows. It's free anyway so give it a try!

  • Ive found a version and got it loaded but just seems to keep wanting me to set up Steam VR but i dont use that i use Oculus so it's not really working

    Doesn't Oculus have it's own thing?

    On The Glideslope uses Oculus and pulls windows in to his VR world in X-Plane, though it's an Oculus feature so I expect works in anything.

    I don't have an Oculus so can't explain it, but go to 55s in this video...

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  • Hello All,

    I'm using Aerofly FS 2 for some months now and wanted to get a (free) solution to allow me to make flight plan, look at VFR/IFR charts for airports, and follow my flight on a moving map. After doing a lot of research it appears that I could probably not have all of this for free :) So I decided to use SkyVector (or equivalent for Europe) to prepare my plans and get STAR/IAP charts and so on but for the moving map - ideally on a separate device like an Android tablet - I've found this place on the forum that made me know the existence of the FSWidgets GMapHD tool which moreover is recently compatible with AFS2 :)

    What is not clear for me is about the pricing of this tool and extra costs for places (maps) that are outside US/Canada. I thought this tool would just use Google Maps for example (in on-line mode) to get data from AFS2 and place the plane over the map based on these data but apparently it is not working this way.

    Can someone give more explanations on how this tools work and what is free inside it, and how it costs to be able to flight over Europe places ? (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland are my places of interest for now even if only Switzerland and Innsburck are covered areas in AFS2 for Europe, but the upcoming ORBX Netherlands TrueEarth product will start to make things move forward...)

    There are also other products such as Air Navigation PRO which is available for Android (and iOS) but there is no plugin - as far as I know - to enable to link with Aerofly FS 2 (but there is a connectivity suite for FSX).

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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  • Hi Vincent,

    I use FSWidgets GMapHD on my Samsung S8 and it covers the whole world regarding terrain map and some other options.

    I have just done some screenshots to show you some menu functions.

  • Vincent,

    I think FSwidgets has a lot more in their package that you may be aware. They also have a demo. I don't think it is time limited, but limited to the San Francisco area. All the features are available to so you learn the system. The limits are with AFS2 and not FSWidgets.

    There are a total of 35 flight maps included, more than any other program that I know of. You can read in a flight plan that can be made with many different programs, some free one. I use another FSWidgets program - Quickplan - and then read my flight plan into the AFS2 version of GMapHD. I duplicate the plan and create it using the NAV screen of AFS2. I can then follow the progress visually on the FSwidgets maps. This is extra work for now but it does work well. One day, when the NAV in AFS2 is updated it should to an automatic read and fly with the option of using the FSwidgets maps and other features.

    You can browse around their website and learn a lot about the capabilities.

    FSWidgets technical support is absolutely the best of any company I have ever dealt with. They have several other programs that can be adapted for AFS2 when the time it right.



  • I own FSWidgets as well, as there are not so many alternatives. Is there any way to display Airports diagrams (Runways, Taxiways, Gates..., with the correponding numbers). I use FS-FlightControls for the other sims and it has all these features but doesn't support AeroflyFS2 (...yet...).

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

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  • Michael,

    Real world airports with runway numbers and such can be easily seen by zooming in using one of the satellite maps, like ESRI Sat Data or ESRI Sat Hybrid. You can monitor your airport movements from taxiway to taxiway and to ramp or gate parking assignments. It is just like Safe Taxi from Garmin actually. This is especially nice when you are not familiar with the airport layouts and taxiways.



  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot everybody for your explanations.

    @Jetjockey10 : what do you mean by "the AFS2 version of GMapHD" ? I see only GMapHD compatible for Mac, PC, Android or iOS but I think you mean GMapHD linked to AFS2. I've read somewhere that the FSWidgets Network Pack is no more necessary to link AFS2 and GMapHD, do you confirm ?

    HP Spectre X360 15bl100xx

    i7-8550U / 16 GB SDRAM DDR4-2400 / SSD PCIe NVMe M.2 512 GB

    NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB

    Samsung LC32H711QEUXEN 32" Curved Monitor

    TrackIR PRO

  • Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips for using iGMap with AF2 on a Mac?

    I'm pointing iGMap to my Mac IP address, using port 58585 as instructed on this thread, but the app reports "Simulator Unreachable".

    I've got no firewall blocking the Mac and no VPN on the iPhone that might be causing an issue.

    I can ping the Mac from the iPhone.

    I've rebooted both the Mac and the iPhone.

    And yes, I've set the option in AF2 to send the flight data 😄

    Anything else I can try?

  • Try using a different IP address. From memory I remember using the IPv4 address (I also have a Mac, but for AFS2 I use Windows 10).

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Ed

  • This could be tricky. I had a similar issue in the past and had to run the ipconfig in Windows (look for a similar instruction in the Mac) to see the correct IP address my PC was broadcasting.

    Cheers, Ed

    Hi - yes, I'm using ifconfig on the Mac to get the same. Still no luck, though. But thanks for trying 😄

  • Try this:

    One of the several bits of help I got from 'FF' at FSWidgets - after entering 'ipconfig' at command prompt, I was getting an IVP6 value rather than an IVP4. Entering 'ipconfig /all' got me the correct IVP4.

    That's why I say it's tricky. Make sure the ip you're getting is the IPv4.

    Good luck.

    Cheers, Ed