New version of C172 cold and dark mod

  • Hi dear Jet-Pack!

    I have been using your mod for a long time. I changed the file C172mod.tmd a little bit so that everything is now off, even the main fuel valve (fireproof) is closed. I regularly change in this file the weight of the fuselage and the degree of filling of the fuel tanks. This can be done for flights from 1 hour to 4 hours or for different passengers with their luggage.

    I noticed changes in the new version of FS2 in this file inside the landing gears and, most importantly, in the aerodynamics of the fuselage and in airfoiles. Will you make these changes in your mod? Do you approve of them? And then we'd better wait for the new version of the mod, how do you think?

  • Hi,

    I'm planning to merge the changes of the default Cessna into my cold and dark mod. As starting cold and dark isn't an option in the game right now I can't make a public cold and dark startup version without braking something else. To my knowledge there haven't been any changes to the default C172 flight model in quite some time. (Each time a change is made I have to merge the changes into my developer (default) C172 version, so I pretty much notice any changes and there weren't any regarding the flight model)

    I'm preparing an update version for the mod right now. Shouldn't take very long.

    Edit: new version is online

  • Thank you for answer, Jan. My name is Andrew.

    But it's fuselage:

    C172.tmd: <[float64][Cdx][ 0.21 ]>

    <[float64][Cdy][ 1.0 ]>

    <[float64][Cdz][ 0.5 ]>

    <[float64][Cly][ 0.5 ]>

    <[float64][Clz][ 0.5 ]>

    <[float64][Cm][ 1.0 ]>

    C172mod.tmd: <[float64][Cdx][0.27]>





    <[float64][Cm] [0.2]>

    And many similar changes in airfoiles!

    Maybe this difference between the default machine and yours was from the beginning of mod?

  • "This gives me cancer" please use the code </> element of the forum if you share code :D

    I've just seen the changes, must have been a very recent addition then. Well the thing is these values of the default model play into the flight model of the default aircraft. No point in using these exact values, then I'm back to the default flight model hehe....

    The mod from the beginning must have been overwritten at least 10x by now. Since there have been changes to the default cessna and Steam just overwrites the entire file.