New military airport in work in Hawaii. Fully operational on first cut, but will be improved over time.

  • This is the Navy/Marine Corps base at Kaneohe, a beautiful bay with lots of aviation facilities for fixed wing props, jets, and Helios.

    Plus we can dock a carrier or two and have the Nimitz fleet cruising offshore just in case the North Koreans get any crazy ideas. This is all being done by Dave W. (developer of Pt. Mugu) without any of the new tools that are in work for creating airports, runways, and infrastructure.

    Kudus to Dave. Check out these pics that I snapped this morning.



  • oh my god, Hawaii has been so overdue, thanks so much for this spear Jeff !

    Kane ohe and its Bay is one my overall favourites, just like all of the islands and their airbases.

    Kane ohe harbours a huge crossmix of the hottest stuff in aviation ever built.

    Combined with the other bases on Oahu you pretty much own all you want to own in a sim really.

    Well, maybe add drivables like Boats, Cars and Carriers and you are in heaven.

    I put Hawaii on the wishlist quite a while ago, but ipacs has not responded in any way.

    Before you push it to final, i recommend a cross check with both ipacs and orbx in order not to colide

    with their potential ambition to make Hawaii their next DLC surprise coup. I have a feeling there might be something going on there ...

    What we need is an extreme resolution for all the islands, and an extreme height mesh with extremely detailed fraction.

    and then go in with extremely detailed airports, roads, vegetation and of course water life.

    The MCAF's bay and its special coral look and marine life, just on base , reflecting the evening sun on the water surface, what a thing to achieve!

    Water is on ipacs' desk and i swear: combine the expected solution (ipacs standards) with a scenery of hawaii and you hit the sim market!

    since these islands are isolated, LOD limits to a couple of miles, which i believe can contribute to the performance vs. number of details. much more can be packed in.

    Longterm perspective includes each island's micro climate that could challenge the overall weather engine to be implemented by ipacs somewhere in the future.

    The special clouding that makes Hawaii Hawaii devides superdevelopers from crap.

  • Well, I certainly hope you are correct with your wishes., I also love flying in and around Hawaii. We will continue to improve this addition but, will certainly bow to any professional level or DLC releases.



  • Hopefully Jeff could extract from his inbox the files from the other one-million rather soon!.

    It will be interesting to see if it'll fit Ok with my already geoconverted area of Kaneohe Bay.

    Thanks and cheers, Ed

    I made at least 3 different 1m level 14 areas of the Bay before I got one that I liked. The approach can be up to 4 miles to the runway and the Nimitz fleet offshore needs room to maneuver.



  • The 'snow on the mountains' look a bit out of place on Oahu, and the oversized lilypads look at bit weird, but it is a great new location with a great runway and tons of airport and aircraft in full HD, thanks to Dave W.

    This is an approach from the West coming from Dillingham.



  • The USGS has 1 foot imagery of this area but I don't have the time nor patience to build that many tfw files. They don't have any 1m stuff for here. duh. Dave said in another thread that it is possible to use the GIMP clone feature to cover up most of the clouds with favorable results.



  • Ray, is there an aerofly library for static aircraft?

    if yes, P3's, CH-53's, Seahawks, etc. are welcome.

    Can't wait for the download.

    Get in touch with Dave W. Look at his download already available here.


  • The airport that I did for this should merge OK with your GeoConverted scenery - but I also sent Jeff the two nearest Level 14 tiles that I used and you can try them - they might not look the way you want if you are trying to make the coast look the best. The only modelling issue that I ran into was the nearby rolling hills that have to merge with my flat airport area - so that looks a little weird. You can always make your own changes to the TSC file but the runway lighting data that I use seems to line up OK with the runway that I provide (not sure about the lighting options). I don't know if there is an ILS and whether that works - if it needs the correct ICAO code, change my TSC file to PHNG, if that helps.

    One cool thing is that I docked the USS Nimitz near the helicopters (Seahawks H-60s) and you can taxi by and see the lower deck hangars full of aircraft - really great in VR. Don't try to land on either carrier due to some change in the FS2 landing crash code over the last two updates - it is too sensitive and you will crash even in a Cessna - IPACS will fix it sometime - sorry - just do some high speed flybys! I might try to improve the ground image so taxiing would improve. I'm open to other improvements.

    Dave W.