Content Converter Question - nontextured surfaces

  • I am converting a lot of static aircraft from AC3D models to FS2 and I have found that any surfaces that are non-textured (like aircraft canopy glass) and that just have a material, look fine in AC3D but have rendering issues in FS2 - they change color all of a sudden depending on the viewing angle (and maybe time of day). The material that I set in the AC3D modeler is set without transparency or shininess and no ambient or specular - but I'm not really sure that FS2 rendering looks at my material anyway (hard to tell).

    Any ideas?


    Dave W.

  • Thanks for the response - I was thinking maybe that was the case. It sure would be nice if you could just supply a generic u,v of 0,0 and a default white texture for any vertex that doesn't have any u,v so at least these models wouldn't act so strangely - it will be a lot of work to texture so many models without a texture - I imagine that for most, they were trying to do a semi-transparent material ( airplane canopy).