Black areas cured?

  • Maybe I posted this question in the wrong area yesterday because I never got a response, so here I go again. Does the new Geoconvert address the black scenery areas that were created in previous versions, or is this just for memory management issues and the blurry areas?



  • The 'black scenery' areas may be how users are setting up their jobs or TSC files. I posted release notes on the new geoconvert tool update yesterday. The new tool should fix problems with the tool crashing on users.

    Personally, I can't get my sceneries to show any black areas or reproduce the issue at all. After over 40 sceneries all with different scenarios I thought I would have seen this issue by now.

    The only thing that I can tell you right now is that I don't use the tool helper.

    Just give more time so that we can all try to figure this out.

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