will there be a A320 tutorial in the wiki?

  • We plan to do one, yes. At the moment I'm writing the tutorial on the Learjet 45 and I plan to write the A320 tutorial next.

    Are there any topics in particular that you read in more detail? For example the autoflight system of the A320?

  • ok thanks for your answer!

    There are quite a few tutorials of the Aerosoft a320 for fsx. Will those be useful for learning the a320 in aerofly? Or are there too many differences? I much prefer afs2 especially because I love my Rift:)

    YouTube videos are great to follow along and there are some very good ones for fsx...

    Tnx a lot


  • Apart from unintended bugs or oversights the Aerosoft and Aerofly FS 2 A320s should behave like the real thing, therefor the same. Any video for the real world A320, as demonstrated in professional simulators, the Aerosoft A320 or FlightSim Labs A320 for that matter are all suitable for the Aerofly FS 2 aircraft. Just be aware that the MCDU is not yet implemented in Aerofly at this time, so there may be a few things that don't work yet. Apart from that, yeah go ahead.

    And if someone is talking about pushing or pulling the knob on the FCU, that's just left and right click in Aerofly, very similar to Aerosoft and FlightSim Labs A320 implementations.