We haven't talked about the trees in the middle of the interstate highways and other unwanted and odd places lately

  • OK so yes I didn't have trees in geoconverted areas (Hawaii), so how the heck did one get trees? That has been figured out apparently.

    My guess is that the current tree "populator" looks at the green on the ground image and depending on green patches implements a density of populating, but placement is kind of arbitrary, so that's how we end up with trees where they don't really belong.

    There is a patch of vegetation in Socal in LA where there is no trees *where I fly RC), it's mostly bushes. In FS2 it's covered with trees.

    Virtual roundup (no advertising intended) is what we need, that we can apply locally on the vegetation. Better a 2 step tool::

    Trees to bushes

    Bushes to nothing

    Also for areas where there are a lot of buildings (like a city) there may also be a lot of trees. And when the only thing populated are trees and zero 3d building, then yes it looks completely weird.

  • I think the first step is to somehow remove all trees from major highways, interstate freeways, and airport runways and taxiways. A second cut woud be all streets, roads, lakes, etc.

    I would opt for no trees vs the over supply of the New York DLC which now also includes any user compiled scenery in the expanded area.