Maybe this is the week that we finally get to see Jeff's Key West scenery showcase . . . . .

  • Well, it must be getting close to completion. :huh:

    I am also anticipating the arrival of the Conversion Program and the Runway or Airport Builder tutorial sometime this month. What great timing, the GeoConverter glitches get smoothed out just in time to spend our time flying in sunny Florida.

    I have been wondering when IPACS was going to provide a showcase add on to attract the attention of the3rd party developers. Maybe the combination of all of these will do the trick. :/

    I have also been wondering if the users will be able to actually build a small airport, complete with runways. ramps, stripes, fuel stations, FBOs, hangars, static aircraft and such. I guess only time will tell. :/:/8)



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  • To answer your question directly, yes, I'm currently working on Marathon Airport and Key West International is finished. I also added in Key West NAS graciously donated by Dave W.

    Please give me a little bit more time to get it completed as there is a lot of detail in the package.

    Also, to answer your question about providing users easier tools for building your own airports, this is also coming soon. This will include a tutorial for using AC3D to achieve this as well as providing users a xref reference library that will allow users to just place a dummy object and name it according to the model that you want (from the library) and it will show up on your scenery without having to make it yourself.

    I will also finish the last part of the 3DS Max tutorial for those of you professional modelers out there.

    There will also be a nice showcase released that Rodeo (Karl-Heinz) has been working on to show everyone what can be done with AC3D, cultivation autogen/lights, and a little bit of creativity.

    Please be patient with us as there are indeed a lot of things going on at the same time, but it will be worth it once they are released.

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