• While flying the KingAir C90, decided to engage the auto pilot and made a real hash of it. Went to the WIKI to clean up my act and found nothing about an AP in the KingAir section. Other aircraft, including the lowly Skyhawk, have detailed AP instructions so why not the KingAir?

  • We haven't come around to it yet, each tutorial takes about one week off my time, that essentially means aircraft development slows down significantly.

    First I will do the A320 tutorial and I might add the autopilot explanation for the C90 after that, like I did for the 747.

    Also, the autopilot in the C90 works just like the Q400 or Learjet 45, for which we have great tutorials already. The nav source button is a bit hidden in the C90 but you'll find it eventually. It's right of the PFD in the little selector panel thingy with many knobs and buttons.

    If you find anything online in regards to the real world C90 autopilot you could probably use it.