Future of Aerofly on mobile

  • Its an absolute shame the mobile version has been forgotten by the developers. X plane recently released an update with a fully programmable FMC, while Infinite Flight is on the brink of releasing its remarkable "global" update. I had high hopes for this sim, but it's been ignored. Sad!

  • We shouldn’t worry. This flight sim has done it’s best, and already is 5 dang GBs. Anymore and most devices will explode on us. I think we should just appreciate what we got. But of course we NEED updates to fix those bugs. Eg: Sancramento Intl, Mollis Airport Black splotches, etc.

    Just an Aviation and Space enthusiast who lives in Australia and loves Aerofly FS 2 on his iPad Pro 9.7 :|

  • Hello,

    I fully agree that you bundle your manpower for the PC version. But let me clearly point out: I came via the Android version to the PC version. Looking for some good stuff for my smartphone for a short vacation first (btw, nr Wolfach), I was really impressed and decided to give the PC version a try when being back. Improving the Android Version might generate turnover for the PC version... At the Galaxy Tab S3 I also have the problem with disappearing landscape, like others mentioned.



  • I am not sure which version came first but I was wondering now that the PC version is coming out of early access why they do not update this version too. Maybe they could market a Washington or New York version for Android devices. Nothing to stop us buying more than one.

  • I think the silence speaks volumes! Not being critical, I love AF2 on mobile but we had to wait almost a year for a bug fix and there has been no commitment to new content and fresh content is exactly what this app needs.

  • Yes, there has been lots of progress on the desktop side and I can see the team are very busy. It would just be nice to see some kind of roadmap or plans for the future of the mobile version other than teases on social media of things that may or may not come to the mobile version.