New Update Taxiing To Gate

  • Greetings Flight Simmers,

    as promised we have released an update to Aerofly FS 2. With this update we get closer to our official release out of Early Access.

    This update has a lot of changes under the hood to make Aerofly more stable, but it's also packed with many improvements and fixes to the the aircraft systems. Please visit our official change log for a complete list of items HERE

    As we continue to test this build we ask the Aerofly FS 2 community to do so as well. We look forward to your hearing from you. Please keep in mind that our goal with this build is to provide a solid foundation for future growth, so we ask you to comment solely on what the build has already and not what you want to see added. We will continue to update Aerofly FS 2 with more features once this milestone is complete.

    We have already come a long way and with our continued passion and determination, and your support, we will build upon this solid foundation to provide our community with the ultimate flying experience. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the flight. Aerofly will only get better from here. Leaving Early Access isn't the end for Aerofly, it's only the beginning!

    Happy Flying!

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • Thanks for this update!

    The F15 nosewheel steering has finally enough travel, nice!

    Also the A320 has many fixes. The violent roll after autopilot disconnect seems fine now.

    The rad/nav page is a nice addon.

    A small issue with altitude capture, but you are aware of it as i can see in another post.

  • Hi,

    Tonight I encountered a bit of a bug with the Q400. I had just started Aerofly FS2 and selected the Q400 but when clicking on some switches on the overhead the sim kept jumping back to the navigation menu. I think I was clicking on one of the far left battery switches. This happened several times. As there was a bug I pressed escape to try and get back to the main menu, but whatever I tried I could not exit back to the main menu. Eventually I had to use task manager to exit out of AeroflyFS2 and load it again. Since updating the other night I have flown the MB339 and A320 around for about 2 hours each and they are both working really well.



  • Hi Scott,

    Yeah, there is a bit of problem in the upper right corner, I've returned to the navigation menu by accident as well :D

    However, you should still be able to exit to the main menu, go to the control settings and make sure your settings for the game control are correct. The back should be the escape key for example. Another way is to display the flight info bar and click its back arrow.

  • Thanks Jan,

    Yeah I usually use the escape key but that wasn't working. Maybe something bugged out completely because I accidentally returned to the menu while using buttons on the overhead. Actually it happened with the Airbus once last night too (just returning to the menu by pressing somewhere on the aircraft), but that was only once in about four hours of flying the Airbus recently.

    I'm not sure I am familiar with the flight info bar so I will check that out too.

    The Airbus is looking really good to, but I'm greedy and now I want even more functionality :D . Nice work everyone involved with the updates.