Brake Problem

  • Hello,

    I use the Saitek rudder pedals, it is only possible to break hard, not to brake soft, even when only touching pedals very light. In the rudder pedal settings window of Aerofly I see that the horizontal bars showing to start at center, that means 50% of full brake?. The similar Windows 10 dialog shows that the pedals act as expected, starting at zero when only touched lightly. I have no problems with the pedals in Prepar3D v4. Changing sensitivity in Aerofly does not have a big effect, if at all. I prepared a video:…RaFA4eVE/view?usp=sharing

    The brakes in general seem to act a little hard. E.g. at LOWI I measured a brake distance of 750 ft from 110 KIAS to 0 for the Dash8, and 1100 ft from 100 KIAS to 0 for the A320. Both tests with full brake applied. But this is not a big issue for me. I installed the update from yesterday and used this for my tests and the video.



  • My saitek rudder pedals are broken and I though it was the broken cables that messed with the calibration.

    But now it looks like my broken pedals weren't the only reason :D

    I've got the left pedals working again though, I fiddled around with the calibration and eventually got it correctly calibrated. It shouldn't be this complicated though.

  • No problem :)

    I do not trust Saitek very much. This was the reason that I crosschecked with the Windows dialogue. There all seems OK, same is true in Prepar3D. Although there I have to use full brakes often. As a bush flyer with runway lengths down to 300 ft:

    Centering the pedals is for sure the correct procedure, as indicated in the help. But you are right; is complicated in this case to hold at 50 % and does solve only partly.

    No problem for me to wait now for one of the future updates.