SDK - DLL example

  • just a quick question..

    I found following line in the readme file of DLL example.


    - You need Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 with Update 2

    Can I use latest Studio 2017 or do I need to stick with 2015 update2 ?

    Thx Jay

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  • right, here is another problem..

    first I need to say that "I'm not programmer" but I understand the concept and I do wanna learn more on this subject.

    I wanted to see what the external_dll_sample provided in SDK can do for me in therms of understanding how to extract and handle flight data so they can be used to feed force feedback devices.

    Now when I hit [Start Debugging] in VisualStudio 2017, I get this message:

    I have a clue it has something to do with "solution platforms" but I've tried many different settings with identical results..

    Could somebody explain please, in lame language, where's the origin of this issue?


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  • All right

    I have reset VS 2017 to default settings and tried again. Please let me know if this is the right procedure.

    - double click file aerofly_fs_2_external_dll_sample.sln.

    - retarget dialog pops up so I confirm OK with default settings as shown below

    - Build Solution, 1 succeeded, 0 failed

    - I hit Start debugging and here's the message

    - I didn't change any options yet, these are the default project properties

    Really appreciate your advice..


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    • Official Post

    You probably attempt to start the DLL right from your Visual Studio. This won't work, you need to execute Aerofly.

    Go to the Debugging settings in Visual Studio ( you see that in your last screenshot ) and specify the Aerofly executable as the 'Command'. Don't forget to set the 'Working directory' as well to the Aerofly binary folder.

  • Hi,

    i have a similar problem.

    i try to open the solution with Visual Studio 2017.

    But when i build the solution, there is one error (in french, sorry ;)

    Erreur C1083 Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier include : 'assert.h' : No such file or directory aerofly_fs_2_external_dll_sample d:\logiciels\aerofly2\work\tools2\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools_20171123\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools\external_dll\shared\input\tm_external_message.h 37

    Can you help me?