Long/Lat coordinates of .tcc files

  • Hello everybody

    I'm playing around with the GeoConvert tool and I'm very impressed about the sceneries it generates! I'm also using the GeoConvert Helper and it also works very well, thanks a lot!

    While trying out different download resolutions and levels, I came to the following question: given a .tcc file (and thus its level and coordinates in the Aerofly 2 grid coordinate system encoded in the file name), how can I determine the upper left and lower right Lat./Long coordinates of the area covered by the .tcc file? I'm aware of the way the Aerofly 2 grid coordinate sytem works but before I try to figure it out myself, maybe someone has already done this and can pass me the algorithm (in any form)?



  • Hi Martin,

    regarding .TTC files:

    The 2 images below show the situation for level 5, a very basic level. Please note, that aerofly uses the lower left corner, the lonlat minimum values.

    Hope this IPACS code can help you to calculate the tile borders:


  • Not sure why was ment to be the whole island but now looks like a sunny island with a shiny new photo

    of the whole island in the middle,if i delete file i take it the game will be fine?

    and i used the geoconverter helper tool,i did try fix the pic with aplha layer maybe that was a mistake

    still the nice bit looked really nice in vr

  • ok so i got this far....Help !!

    What are you trying to accomplish here? There are tutorials located on our WIKI for using our tools to create scenery.

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  • Hi Player1,

    I think, the alpha layer is not the problem.

    I assume the blurry side is the original texture, where as the upper right part is the converted island texture.

    I suppose you set the parameters [write_images_with_mask][false].

    So I guess your frame is too small, only one tile has been generated.

    A lot of assumptions here, but I don't have enough information to be more precise.



  • thanks i was trying to cover the whole island with new pics

    i draw fset box over whole island with setting as


    earth service : virtual earth

    scen compiler fsx

    area snap off

    create masks no

    comp scenery no

    use cache no


    LEVEL 9 11 12 13 14

    Sorry im new to this dont understand what im doing wrong

    so do i need to have masks on or off?

    and comp scenery on or off?

    dont understand why it only did one tile

    thanks for your help

    and all who have taken time to read my post

  • this is in the file called gch in geoconvert



    <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][false]>

    <[bool] [write_ttc_files][true]>


    <[bool] [always_overwrite][true]>



    <[uint32] [level] [9]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-3.25 58.64]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-3.07 58.56]>



    <[uint32] [level] [11]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-3.25 58.64]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-3.07 58.56]>



    <[uint32] [level] [12]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-3.25 58.64]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-3.07 58.56]>



    <[uint32] [level] [13]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-3.25 58.64]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-3.07 58.56]>



    <[uint32] [level] [14]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-3.25 58.64]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-3.07 58.56]>





  • just to check, assuming your algorithm is for Level 15... wrong ? So if I want to introduce "Level" variable in your code could I write something like this ? (don't worry about C++ syntax please )

    sorry this question had no place at all here... I misunderstood the purpose of this algorithm...

  • Hi.

    For Rodeo.... the Profi !

    I must understand the Map and Level Format in Aeroflight FS2 !

    my brain...

    Is this correct for my brain where the Levels in Aeroflight as my picture say?!!?!?

    For what is Level 15 ?

    This Level was not generated.... he works in Convert tool, but no "15er" ttc files was generated.

    And... i experiment with the folder from World Scenery Image Files.

    When i delete map Files 1 to 4 or 5 i see in the World map nothing or individual not complete World Map.

    When i delete Map 7 to 12 i see the world map, but the ground area are very rough / not fine texture....

    And last question.

    for what are the .raw Images ?

    Put in who?

    Please ...teaches me of a better one;)



  • Hi Uli,

    I'm not familiar with the World Scenery Maps, so I can only refer to the aerofly levels.

    The levels represent aerial images processed for different resolutions, which will show up in different flight levels (heights).

    In general, your description from rough to fine is correct.

    The level 14 conforms roughly with 1m ground resolution.

    Level 15 is only meaningfull, when you have aerial images with a clearly higher resolution than 1m.