Problem with gear up/down on 737/747 using joystick

  • Version 20.0.1 EA4.92 (20171006)

    I have the problem that the gear up/down function is not working on Boeing 737 and 747 if using it with joystick. The gear lever is always on position Off and the gear is always up independing of the joystick position. The gear automatically goes up after airborne. It looks like the gear lever move very fast up and down a very short distance only.

    If no joystick acis is assigned to the gear up/down function the gear function works correct. This problem occurs with 737 and 747 only. Both aircrafts have a position Off, which is probable relevant.

    Is there anybody who have this problem too?

    I'm quit sure that this is problem of the FS2 software, not the installation and configuration of my controllers.