Mobile is a whisper of desktop

  • In all my years it's great to see so much interest in the development for flightsim different comps us different perspectives or ideas of what flight should be but that being said Aeroflot truly has a very unique feel that keeps me coming back for more it's very well put together I have both android and iOS and have been a beta tester for Android when they first rolled it out I remember how many issues there were on android specially the Samsung brand. However having hope I be downloaded to android again and gotta say I'm most impressed and happy.

    However I would like to point out I'm tired of sitting at a desk and flying at my house I would love to carry a piece of that when I'm mobile hence flightsim mobile but I also am a developer and I would love to incorporate time and effort into this SIM to develop scenery and aircraft.

    They have a gold mine literally a sleeping beast of potential with mobile I hope that they realize that if they would open up mobile to be just as custom based as desktop there would be a lot of application and features I hope you guys release an ask for mobile I know apples not so user friendly with that stuff but android all the way my phones stronger then last year's iPad pro according to specks and benchmarks.

    Anyways just some food for thought I'm still rooting and with you guys

  • The mobile version has not been forgotten, we are still working on it. With the recent changes made to the desktop version and now the DVD version of Aerofly FS 2 we first have to straighten up things on the mobile version again. One of the things that changed a lot is the autopilot. Aircraft now behave as they should in the real world but that also means we have to rethink our copilot interface - just as an example. We're working on that just give us a bit of time :)

  • jet it's great to hear from you it's been awhile since I been on the forum but yea I'm sure they will roll out some amazing stuff just a matter of time I just giving my thoughts lol if you need beta tester haha I'm always here. No rush guys I know what it takes.