VOR Reception range

  • Hi. This is an observation and suggestion...

    VOR reception range is way too short. Normally I need to get withing 60+/- NM in order to get CDI indication on the HSI. Interestingly I get DME indication at much longer ranges. If I remember correctly vor range formula is the square root of the aircraft height above the height of the vor station ASL times 1.23. No need to model it to that extent but if you could increase range to 100-150 NM that would help realism. I retired last year after 40 years of flying for a living and I find myself really enjoying Aerofly2 especially when I just want to go fly from A to B and enjoy the scenery.


  • I'd like to raise this issue again, as it still has not yet been addressed and is such a critical part of navigation in a GA sim. While VORs are received at relatively long ranges (~100 nm DME), CDI on the HSI isn't provided until exactly 54 nm away from every VOR station. It would be great to see accurate VOR service volumes - depicted succinctly in Chapter 16, pages 16-22 and 16-23 of the following FAA reference:


    Please fix this major issue (and I'm sure it's on the list already)!

    Thanks to the Aerofly team for this refreshingly modern simulator platform.