Cessna Landing gear strut breaking

  • Hmmm.... well thats me out of ideas, then.

    Devons rig

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  • Hi Jan,

    Let me know when the new file is uploaded, and I will test it and give (positive I hope) feedback. I am very enthusiastic about the potential future of this platform. I remember the Microsoft Flight Sim platform before Microsoft took it over, and AF2 reminds me of that. A seed of possibility with a glimmer of hope that could become a major player in the industry, given the right support at the right time. I will continue to report on any anomalies I find, but not to be a pest, rather to help improve this product as it moves towards the end of the "early access" status.

    - Kenneth


    Jan, I am testing the file now. As the one who reported the bug, I figured I better get busy as fast as possible and check out your work. I will randomly place the Cessna at 40 airports on the ground and try it out, brakes on/off, taxiing, etc. Will get back to you in a short while. First three airports so far check out, Will confirm in abut half an hour...

    - Kenneth

  • Jan,

    I have now tried around 40 airports in all scenery areas, including the paid and free DLC's. The latest "cold and Dark" Cessna behaved perfectly on the ground. Well done. Out of curiosity, was it something to do with the "points" at which the aircraft touched the ground? No matter what it was, I think you nailed it. Thank you. I will post this reply in the other area too, just for people to follow.

    - Kenneth

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    HI Kenneth, thank you for testing it right away, that sounds good :)

    Actually there are no "points" where the aircraft touches the ground. We simulate a disk for the wheel, but the wheel wasn't at fault here.

    It was the stiffness of the connection of the landing gear with the fuselage which was just unstable in the calculation - numerical simulations only have a certain resolution in time, the vibration of the gear was to quick and the gear "exploded" (roughly speaking). Now the gear doesn't do this super high frequency oscillation anymore and everything is good.

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    I'm part of the development team, yes - not an owner, just employee. Andreas and I are working as a team on the aircraft implementations, I mostly do systems such as the new autopilot, auto-spoilers, auto-brakes, warnings systems, electric networks, etc. and I also did the current flight model set-ups for most aircraft (pretty much all except the C172 if I remember correctly - I'm not done fine tuning though, still on the todo list).

    Andreas and I also program the glass cockpit (PFDs, NDs, MFDs...) of the aircraft, for example I took Andreas' implementation for the numerous displays and added features or re-styled the A320, LJ45, Q400 and B747 displays so that they function pretty much like the real world aircraft, that also means reading through the real world aircraft operating manuals and studying them.

    And apart from all that programming I'm also here in the forum to support you guys with aircraft related questions, I also did the flight tutorials of the Q400, LJ45 and soon the A320, since I know a lot about the real world aircraft from the operating manuals and cause I also know which systems are already implemented. So that is my roll in all this :)

    Oh, and I collect bug reports and feedback from you

  • Thanks for the detailed introduction.

    My turn. I am an author, with a new book out in the personal development field. I've also been a news journalist, both as a writer for newspapers, and as the owner of an online news service on the Canadian prairies. However, my flight sim experience was also extensive.

    Back in 1993, I was one of the very first people to modify an instrument panel for FS4. Then, as the internet expanded, my small operation grew into one of the first addon companies for FS95. Our group, "The VIP Group" went on to produce products which were marketed by PC Aviator and Just Flight in their early days of operation as well. It was an amazing experience for about seven years.

    Here's the point. Although AF2 is not alone in the market, now going up against the big boys, I sense it has the potential to find its own place, and to grow very significantly as it gets beyond early access status. I watched the Microsoft platform explode and indeed was part of that explosion. How? Not by being a programmer, but by being a visionary who brought people together. Now is the time to really look at AF2 and ask what the owners want it to become, what the fans want it to become, and where we can collectively take it. Microsoft did not make FS what it was, the fans did, and the eco-system they built around the product.

    These days, my focus may be my new book, and getting it out there, but in the last four weeks I have found AF2 addictive as I fly over gorgeous terrain with a simple interface that leaves most sims in the dust. If I can be of assistance with ideas and perspectives to help you grow into the potential that exists, I am happy to "put my thinking cap on."



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    We appreciate your enthusiasm for Aerofly and its future. I can assure you that we have the same vision here and the entire team here at IPACS is very passionate about this title. We detail everything very carefully and look to the community to test new features and functionality under strain so that we can make Aerofly the best that it can be. We will certainly value your input and any suggestions that you may have but we also have a very specific gameplan in mind for the future of Aerofly. We have very wide eyes regarding the potential but we still need to be careful not to overextend our limitations at this critical juncture. You can certainly expect some great new features coming your way once we leave Early Access as we continue to develop.

  • I have yet to get the updated mod, but I want to express thanks in advance.

    I think this platform can take the lead, especially with VR as the major selling point for it. Right now that is the thing that has been implemented in a far superior way than anyone else. (These aircraft are pretty sweet too, as is the scenery).

    I'll check in after I have sat and had a chat with Pamela in the Cessna.

  • Jeff,

    You wrote.. "We will certainly value your input and any suggestions that you may have but we also have a very specific gameplan in mind for the future of Aerofly."

    I have an important possible solution/strategy to the issue of photoscenery use. I do not want to discuss the idea on the forums. How do I reach the decision-makers?

    - Kenneth

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    email me directly

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