• I managed to offload FS2 again from my PC for the second time! What happened was that I moved the PC to another room because I wanted to paint the study. When I fired it up in its new location clicking on steam did nothing. I went to the website and my library was missing and I found it is not visible because steam thinks steam is not installed on my PC for some reason. So I thought .... uninstall Steam and reinstall it .... no problem. Lost all my steam bought programs on that one fateful click of a button. Worse still, is that for some reason steam thinks it is installing itself onto a new PC and is putting games back onto the C drive instead of my much larger D drive. I now have 2 installations of FSW (unfortunately not this much larger sim) one on each drive. I guess what I am asking is does anyone know how to get Steam to install to a drive of choice rather than C please? I figure if I can change the steam setting then I can delete one copy and get back into re installing my FS2. I think I will super glue this PC to the floor of the study once I finish painting.:cursing:

  • I'm not sure i understand correctly your problem but if you want to install games on another drive of your choice go to Steam-settings-download-steam library folders-add library folder-and choose the folder you want.

    After that close steam and restart it. Now, when you download a new game with steam, steam will offer you this new folder to install your game.

  • My problem was that after moving my computer Steam no longer worked and I had to reinstall it. As soon as I did that steam began downloading my games again. I now have copied files from the original D installation over to the new C drive installation and all my add ons are functioning normally. I lost Aerofly FS2 during this process as steam deleted it. I will now have to go for a full reinstall. I will use your helpful hints to ensure it does not install onto my C drive. Thanks.