No smoking/Seatbelts Sound

  • I'm not sure what the priority is at the moment. We think we have to improve our sound engine first, that means we have to program our own sound engine. Then we have advanced features for the sound animation. Such as queuing sounds, having a ramp on, hold (loop) and ramp off sample. (E.g. starter sound, first increase, then hold as long as it is running, then let go of ignition...) That is a lot of work.

    In the mean time, I think I might look into how to create sounds. I'm not experienced at all but I think we could have better sounds and for me that is very high on the priority list. I'd like to redo the A320 engine sound which can be copied to the 737 cause it's the almost an identical engine (one has 120kN, the other only 89kN but both are CFM 56es in the end.). Then I'd look into gear and wind sounds for the A320 and other aircraft, ground rumbling, switch and button sounds, etc. It is a lot of work but I think it would be worth it. One very difficult task is getting all the sound snippets. I think we either have to buy some or go on a field trip :D

    So to summarize: As you correctly pointed out this takes time. But it's on the list, yes.