A tip if you are adding custom models to your scenery that exist in the real world.

  • So I am developing a scenery for CYQM (Moncton NB).

    There is a tower in downtown Moncton called the Aliant Tower, so I put the model in my scenery, export it as a object, all is good EXCEPT it isn't in the right place in the game.

    I checked the Lat/Lon cords , all is good.

    So what is wrong??? you ask.

    The coords in the TSC file take into account the offset from the center of the scenery (the top of the TSC file).

    To fix this, simply make sure your object in the source file is at (0,0,0) and export it. Now it will be in the right place.

    Another option that will work is to export the object with all other objects but place the object in the source file in the correct location relative to everything else in the scene.

    What I am doing is creating another reference image of downtown Moncton and placing it in my scene in the correct location and now I can easily place any buildings in their correct location without the need to have an extra entry in my TSC file for each new object, i.e. buildings , bridges etc.

    I hope this helps someone

    And thanks to RAY for helping me test this scenery

    UPDATE: I put up a video tutorial on how to do this.