Plugins graphical integration

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm quite surprise about the quality of AFS2, I love it, and I'm considering to port 124thATC, a free X-Plane ATC/AI simulator plugin I'm developing.
    The AFS2's SDK documentation is focused on Scenery and Aircraft development, but I'm looking for further detail about other aspects, like for example dialog and menu drawing inside the sim.

    I compiled and executed the dll example, those data is really useful for the development of the plugin, but I didn't find nothing about the sim GUI integration. Is there or planned to be offered in the future, any API for draw dialog, buttons, and text inside the sim in order to interact with the user?

  • Sorry, you can't at this point draw anything inside the Aerofly window or integrate GUI code there.

    There are numerous things to consider before we release something like this, we just didn't have time yet to do this.

    Keep in mind that its very hard on our side if a completely independent GUI is allowed.