Hardware supported by aerofly

  • I am about to purchase aerofly on my new computer.

    I would like to be sure that the following H/W equipment is supported by aerofly :

    1 - HOTAS X56 and/or Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog ( Ihave both )

    2 - Thrustmaster T.Flight rudder pedals

    My apologies if the same question has already be answered and thank you in advance.


    PS : any preferred equipment for aerofly ?

  • Thank you for your fast reply Jan.

    The essential point in this regard is "how do the various switches on the joystick relate to

    aerofly functions in different aircrafts ? As most simers I suppose I would like to o


    arious switces r inI I

  • Quote

    Thank you Jan for your reply.

    Do you think the various switches/controls present on the mentionned jotsticks can be used in aerofly to fly and would allow

    me not to use the mouse/keyboard ? Or maybe would you know of any other piece of hardware to do that ? As you may

    guess I am a real beginner in computer simming. Thank you in advance for your patience.


  • Hi Icare38,

    Yes, you can fly with just these controls. The most essential things like elevator, aileron, rudder, throttle, flaps, gear should all be pre-mapped so that you should just be able to start up Aerofly and fly without messing with the settings first. Most assignments are set up like advertised on the box of the device, so if you see some instructions on how it is mapped on your packaging box for your joystick - we basically took that as reference. And we added default assignments for a lot of different hardware.

    Some things you can only do with mouse currently but those are mostly more advanced things that I wouldn't bother with as a beginner.

  • Hi icare38,

    I use the Warthog and assigned many, but not all available keys. In preparation to future expansion, I have the free T.A.R.G.E.T software from Thrustmaster installed and use a so far empty TARGET profile. In this case, the Thrustmaster Warthog combo (stick and throttle) appears in Aerofly as "Thrustmaster Virtual Game Controller". Again, for this config I assigned many buttons, they work.

    I did a short test without a TARGET profile running. In this case, the combo appears as two units - "Joystick - Hotas Warthog" and "Throttle - Hotas Warthog". I assigned button 21 "L/G WRN" at the throttle to the gear in Aerofly. I was able to extend and retract the gear.

    In the case that you have problems to assign buttons, you still have the opportunity to use a TARGET profile and assign virtual keyboard buttons there, e.g. the "G" key for the gear to button 21. When you press button 21, TARGET "presses" the "G" key for you then. Assign the "G" key then in Aerofly also (should be assigned by default).

    I also used the X52 (not the pro) without profile so far, but do not own the X56.