AeroFly Fridays (Bel Geode's YouTube Videos)

  • I am creating a thread to host the continuing Aerofly series, since it is clear to me that I am hooked, and so far YouTube seems to like my flights.

    I will update this post each week as I add episodes. Thanks again to HighFlyer1 for sharing my previous weeks' videos!


    Update- July 19, 2018

    Aerofly Friday is back! Sorry for the huge delay as life took a chunk out of me, and hasn't seen fit to give me the time back yet. We're over Chicago today in the Corsair to debut the new Vulkan improved Aerofly. (Spoiler alert- I LOVE IT)

    Update- January 27, 2018

    Switzerland Part 2. With huge thanks to TomB, I took a closer look at the swiss countryside, in some cases at Mach 1.

    Update- January 12, 2018

    Switzerland!!! I wanted to fly the learjet from Zurich to Geneva. So here we go. I noticed something a little distressing on the scenery though, which I have to call out.

    Update- December 22,2017 (Xmas)

    In tonight's episode, it is massive props to our own drhotwing1 (IPACS) as we check out the Florida Keys on an aerial walk down memory lane.

    Update- December 15, 2017 (Star Wars release day)

    Tonight we took the King Air from Aspen to Denver. Time to check out the cultivation and buildings.

    Update- November 25, 2017 (special episode)

    This episode shows off the Beucker Jungmeister, and explains to the viewers why yesterday's episode is now obsolete.

    Update- November 24, 2017 (day after Thanksgiving)

    Pam and I go flying in the cold and dark modded Cessna around New York.

    ***NOTE- This was recorded before the update yesterday. I have an update video coming tomorrow as well, to address the changes***

    Update- November 17. 2017 (day before MY birthday)

    This is the episode I had intended last week, before the news about Colorado broke. We are flying the Corsair from Monument Valley to Page municipal Airport.

    Update- November 10, 2017 (Marine Corps Birthday)

    My first look at Colorado, we are flying from Telluride to Aspen.

    Beginning with the Episode for November 3, 2017- F/A-18C Hornet: Area 51.

    (I cannot believe I missed the huge crashed UFO in this...)

  • Added Jan 12 video, which includes public correction for downplaying DrHotwing1's importance.

    I enjoyed your Lear45 flight. I don't know about the scenery problems early on in the flight but, from the center of Lake Geneva south is not Switzerland so that is why you are not seeing HD scenery for that area. Same for most of the approach from the South. The Swiss DLC shuts down in all directions at the borders.

    I wish I could switch from pilot seat to exterior views and back as easy as you appear to be doing it. I suspect it may be a bit of editing, if not please tell me how it is done.

    Thanks again for the flight.



  • That's really interesting. I was not aware about that. It does seem a little jarring, when seen like that though.

    Anything where you see the camera wipe in any given direction (usually up, left, right, down) is a cinematic wipe. It's not the default game controls.

    Thanks for the info on the map Ray!

  • BelGeode

    I like your videos, well done. However when you announced one about the Switzerland DLC I expected you sitting in a F15 or FA-18 and roaring over the Alps, eternal snow, glaciers down and up. I was disapointed. To fly from Zurich to Geneva is a rather boring flight and especially when starting on rwy 34 to the north where you soon cross the German border and hence fly over a soup of pixels (no German DLC yet). Your comment there does not help the product either. Same then on the approach into Geneva airport complaints about the southern shoreline of lake geneva. That's France and not Swiss DLC. Although the midland (that's where you flew over) and the Jura belong to Switzerland as well the real strength of the Switzerland DLC lies in the Alps, especially in VR.

    See this video:

    Looking forward to more videos from you, thanks.

    Kind regards,


    Best regards,


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  • Hi Thomas. I realized this after the fact. Which is why I also noted in the video that i wanted to do another swiss video, because i felt this one really didn't showcase as much of the beauty of the scenery as I would have liked.

    I did do a trial run around switzerland initially in the hornet, but decided to do the learjet instead because I have featured the hornet a few times now. I may go back to it, since it has a swiss livery, then I can get down and dirty with the mountains.

    What I am looking for, for those of you who know more about this area than I do (never been there in real life, rarely fly there in simulator). I need suggestions please, on the most scenic flights that can give Switzerland the proper love it deserves.

  • Hi BelGeode

    Thanks. As I am Swiss and familiar with the regions and their nice cornerrs I will put something together, kind of tour of interesting places. Give me some time and make us happy with more videos in the meantime.



    Best regards,


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  • Hi BelGeode

    I have put something together in pdf format. How can I send it over?



    Best regards,


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  • It's been ages since I added to this. I am sorry. Life has been anything if not hectic. But I want to get back into the swing of things, with a jaunt around Chicago. I am currently working on a Learjet trip to Innsbruck for tomorrow. But I just added last week's video.

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