HELP - Geoconvert froze on me.. ish

  • I've been geconverting a chunk of the north of England for about 36 hours and was expecting it to be finished this morning. However when I checked last night, the progress % was stuck showing as below. I waited for a good while but there was no change, and when it was still showing the same thing about 9 hours later I shut the goeconvert task. ..THEN I discovered that the scenery folder had been creating TTC files right up until the point i quit!

    Any ideas what happened? If it helps the diagnosis this is what had happened prior.

    1. I began it 12 hours earlier (Friday night)- under geoconvert helper. Ran it for an hour, then realised it was going to max my C drive (132gb of source), so I quit, rebooted, copied the entire SDK to a D drive and ran again
    2. The following morning I checked on progress and had no TTC files. After examining the TMC I saw it said no masks (even though I'd ticked masks in the helper) and I have plenty of coast so I quit again, rebooted, cleaned up the input_aerial_images folder and this time ran it without the helper, starting with an INF2TFW conversion and modifying the TMC to make masks & PNGs
    3. Then I got the frozen thing

    So I'm wondering.

    1. How did this happen?
    2. How far did it get? It produced 5,480 level 13s before I stopped it and had made 1,611 level 11s - does that indicate anything
    3. Do I have to rerun it... again! or can I make the missing bits, and how do I work out what they are
    4. Oh and the PNGs showed me I'd missed a few tiles when alpha masking the coast - do I need to redo the whole thing or can I convert just what I need and copy/replace the correct TTC files

    It's a hell of a learning curve this geoconvert.

  • I never convert the ewuivalent to more than 12 area counts in FSET. Happened to me several times when I try to convert large areas. I think it's better to split the whole area in serveral blocks instead of trying to convert a huge area at once.

    Cheers, Ed

  • "It's a hell of a learning curve this geoconvert."

    I will add this... A new tutorial is needed too, with a "For Dummies A-B-C approach to it. As this platform grows in popularity, more people will come to it with zero background in the sim, or its tools. We could do with a tutorial that assumes total ignorance, and takes baby-steps to explaining it all without assuming that the reader/viewer already knows the technicalities more experienced people take for granted.. "You need this tool, go to these resources, a file with this extention goes here, etc"

    - Kenneth

  • I managed to create a few areas following this video tutorial, but today I tried a new area (bigger than before) and geoconvert 1.07 crashed everytime. I will download the new version and I'll try again.

    This is the tutorial:

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    I'd appreciate an "official video tutorial" from IPACS though. :)