No files in image folder after Level 15 conversion

  • Downloaded a small area around the Spokane airport at download level 0 with FSET. When I tried using the Geoconvert Helper, the coordinates were red. So I manually set up the TMC file. The geo converter showed it was processing the tiles, but there were no files in the images folder when it was complete.


  • I do two things when adding scenery with FSET.

    1. I open a window for the scenery/images folder and watch for the files to appear, usually the level 9 files start appearing in a matter of seconds.

    2. If it is a large or very high definition job, I stop it after level 9 and review the output in AF2.

    This way I’m not disappointed after A long wait or m essed up coordinates.

    If all is well, I restart and let FSET do its thing. Good luck. :rolleyes:



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