Zoom control

  • Will future version offer a more exact zoom control? I use different zooms for various aircraft and it bugs me that I can’t set an exact zoom, one that I can replicate EXACTLY later on. It also bugs me that I can’t get the view for the left and right seat of the Airbus exactly the same: no matter what I do, there is a slight difference in zoom. Minor problem , I suppose, but I would love to have more control over this.

    Or maybe there is a way to set zoom in a file somehow...?

  • zoom is saved as fov in the main.mcf if I remember correctly

    Found two entries for 'fov' in that file: there are more views... Shouldn't there be an entry for every possible view?

  • I have a list of 13 cameras there.

    Maybe go through each camera in the sim and manually adjust field of view, then close the sim, this may add your "custom" zoom level to the file.

    Then replace them all with your desired value

    Aaaah, I got it. I will give that a try. Up to now I only changed two views so that might be it indeed.

    Just gave the two entries I posted earlier the exact same value and YES now both the left and right pilot seats show the EXACT same view/zoom! Nice! Thanks for the tip!

  • Speaking of cameras, something seems to have changed, and the Baron now has a bad starting seat position in VR.

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  • BTW It still would be nice if you could set the view in the sim exactly at the desired zoom like in FSX/P3D where you see a number and it is easy to change views this way. As it is now one touch of the zoom key and you are lost already.

    And btw also: I use the zoom to change my position in the cockpit: I presume this isn't the right way to do this. I should actually change position forward, I guess. But the default position makes everything look as if you are looking through a fish eye lense...


    Well, that's odd. I assigned different keys and controls to the move backward and forward options but I can't move myself at all...? The zoom is about right now but I am sitting to far back: I need to move forward (in the Airbus) but I am stuck in my position! What's up here? You should be able to move backwards and forwards, right...?