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    I have not played Aerofly in a good amount of time, since before the Auto Pilot update actually. Is there currently an update to date guide on how to use the new Auto Pilot system? Previously, before the update you could just click in a few buttons and press the auto thrust button and the plane would take full control, including automatically managing the speed. I've tried with the new system but can't find where to start.


  • First off welcome to our forum.

    We have not completed the A320 autopilot tutorial yet but you can find a few different detailed tutorials located on our official wiki. You can find the Learjet 45 autopilot tutorial HERE

    There are others like the Q400 on there as well.

    This should get you started.

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  • Well, to be honest, the best guide so far when it comes to the updated A320 AP is my very own tutorial LOL 8o You can find it here:

    Airbus 320 tutorial flight

    Funny thing: yesterday I did my first flight with the Airbus in Aerofly in a few months and I actually used my own tutorial to get it done. It worked like a charm LOL