C172 Brakes

  • I'm thinking the brakes on the C172 need to be adjusted and made a little less powerful; at slower speeds nearing taxiways or on the ramp nearing parking spots I try to just tap the brakes and if I was in the plane for real severe whiplash would probably occur for anyone in the aircraft.

    If one could point out the brake setting location in the aircraft file I would be more than happy to tinker with the parameter and adjust it to my personal liking... if that is an option of course.


  • Hi Ken,

    If you add full brake the real C172 will probably lock the wheels and that is happening right now in Aerofly too. If you command full braking you should get that if you want to. If we were to reduce the brake strength then you couldn't add full power with your parking brake on. The real aircraft doesn't move even with full power according to our numerous pilots. So changing the brakes in the Cessna is not the right place, that would make a lot of other things worse and actually the break strength is not an issue at all. Maybe the speed at which the brakes go from nothing to full breaking action, though if you slam down the pedals you directly add brake pressure, so even the delay between pedals on more professional rudder pedals and actual braking should be even less than it is right now!

    We just have to adjust how the brake inputs are send to the aircraft when you are using a key or button. Then you don't want full brakes when the button or key is depressed of a brief time, the strength should probably be a lot less if you gently pulse the break button or key. We're working on something like that.

  • Interesting. Yeah right now brakes are my biggest bugbear on the aircraft. It is not so much an issue in the Hornet or Eagle, but Cessna, P-38, Corsair all seem to be an experience to get to stop without causing calamity.

    I still say some kind of "parking brake" might be a good idea for the WWII models, even if it is fudged and visual wheel chock models appear.