• First of all, this sim is getting better and better almost day by day :)

    Thanks a lot IPACS team!

    In the future can we have "total remaining distanse to destination" activated in the A320 mcdu progress(prog) page?

    Same info as shown if hitting i key button(info bar?).

    Not a big deal at all but maybe not to complicated to implement?

    I know you are very busy right now so maybe after you are finished with early access?



  • As far as I know there isn't a default field like that on the real page - I could use the BRG/DIST to the destination airport though, that should do it right?

    That's not complicated to implement, no. Selecting any way-point to get a bearing and distance would be a lot more difficult, because I'd have to access the database.

    Good suggestion, I like it.

  • In the real A320 in the lower line on the mcdu prog page, isnt there thise fields: DEST UTC DIST EFOB, at least when flying?

    DEST: destinasjon airport


    DIST: total remaining route distance, aint this the same info as shown if hitting i key button(info bar?). can it easily be displayed here?




  • That is not the progress page though. That is on the flight plan page.

    There on the F-PLN page you indeed have: DEST UTC DIST and EFOB

    I'm certainly not finished with the MCDU, the flight plan page will probably be added all at once, maybe visuals first so that you get an idea, then vertical and lateral revisions probably much later. I intend on adding at least the first level pages but manipulating the flight plan currently isn't possible for me.

    Some pages are "easier" than others, I'll probably continue with the performance pages first.