I won’t fly in a land without trees now.

  • There are a few niggles at the moment. For one, cultivation areas seem to be linked to airfields.


    Thanks for the encouragement. Where's the best place to start the cultivation learning curve?

    - Kenneth

    Because cultivation seems to be linked to airfields I tried to cover a large area in order not to create additional airports. It did not work very well for me - the simulator either loaded for a very long time or crashed - not enough RAM?

  • Quick help needed.... I decided to follow the cultivation tutorial...

    So, I started by downloading Scenproc, but am getting nowhere. I have windows 7, on an old machine, so I assume I am running a 32-bit OS. I downloaded the 32-bit version of Scenproc, tried to run it, and was told it was incomplete and I needed to reinstall the complete 64-bit version. I went back to the site and downloaded the file that is supposed to be the update. Unzipped it, tried to run it, and got the same message again. So then I went back to the site and downloaded the 64-bit version, extracted it, and on trying to run it go the same message once more. OK, officially STUCK.

    - Kenneth

  • Kenneth,

    please use this link to download scenProc:

    This link has been removed.

    1. It is a ZIP package, you have to unpack it before running.

    In win explorer, right click the zip and select 'unpack'.

    Then you can start the scenProc.exe

    2. It contains the aerofly_rodeo.spc

    In scenProc use the 'Open' menu in the top line and select the aerofly_rodeo.spc

    3. It contains the exclude.xml

    This is the area of Bermuda Dunes as shown in my video. So you can use this as a dummy file and don't need to adjust the SPC file.

    4. You have to adjust these lines as a minimum for your desired path:




    Good success

    Rodeo :thumbup:

  • Hi Rodeo,

    I am working my way through the process. I think I have got everything right, except for the buildings folder. Your video mentions to pick the right folder, the one with "already converted ttx files", but I look in the airport design package and do not see the files. What am I missing here?

    - Kenneth

  • Hi Rodeo.

    Thank you for your help, unfortunately, despite trying everything I can think of so far, and following it all, I see no buildings in my efforts. It seems like I am doing a jigsaw puzzle, and hopefully missing only one piece for it all to make sense. But for now, I don't know what piece is missing.

    I will try it again with a different area and document every step I take. The maybe we can see what I am missing.

    - Kenneth

  • Hi Rodeo.

    Thank you.

    I tried again with another area, and did document my 20 steps in case we need to review them. However, will start by sharing the .toc and .tsc files as you suggest.

    The only other thing I can think of is that I am missing a dummy runway file.

  • Hi Kenneth,

    I got it working:

    Added the runway.tmb and the related lines in the TSC.

    Corrected ICAO code. Please enter purely ICAO, nothing else here.

    Corrected country entry USA.

    Enjoy the airport and your cultivation approach. :)

  • Rodeo

    I am really enjoying cultivation. Having a blast since your assistance, and enjoying seeing buildings and streetlights. However, if you will pardon the pun, the trees have got me stumped! I have trees set at "Ultra" in the menu, so that would not appear to be the issue. But, none are showing up in my newly-cultivated areas.

    I have been examining the aerofly_rodeo spc file, and I notice it looks for the plant classification "forest." However, when I carefully examine the actual maps in OSM, it looks as if the colour of the wooded areas (in the areas I am trying to cultivate) equates more to a classification of "wood" (according to the OSM map key). So, I even tried editing the script in the spc file, replacing every use of the word "forest" for the word "wood". It still did not create trees in the sim.

    Once more, good sir, your help would be appreciated. Thank you on behalf of all those whom you are helping.


    - Kenneth

  • Hi Kenneth,

    my missing answer was only related to the time zone difference, I had to go to bed. ;):sleeping:

    Trees will show up automatically under 2 circumstances:

    Your area contains separate single trees which have been recorded by somebody for osm.

    Your area contains a zone with the parameter forest.

    Unfortunately the osm data are not fully standardized and are not always complete.

    If we want to check them, we have to read the osm and check them, e.g. in a GIS environment.

    In special cases, like yours, I may try this.... :)