The more beautiful landscapes for fly in medium/low altitude ????......

  • Dear friends, I am new flying in this fantastic simulator Aerofly Fs 2.

    Is the most incredible experience of all the titles that I have tried so far in virtual reality. I fly only in virtual reality mode.

    I have bought and installed through Steam all the modules that exist, including the two dlcs of ORBX.

    I like to fly with the twin-engine plane "King air c90", is a fantastic airplane.

    Please can you tell me the most beautiful places to be able to fly a medium or low altitude..........:love::love::love:

    I have only tried the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and it is absolutely beautiful........<3<3<3

    What more places or routes can you recommend for its beauty ???

    Thank you very much my friends for help a begineer.


  • Flying out of Stewart International in New York is nice. If you head west, it should take you over the Catskill mountains.

    Out west in southern Utah, areas such as Bryce Canyon National Park are nice. Look for "Canyonlands" in the airports shown.

    Northern California is pretty also. You can choose about any airport in northern Cal and see some nice scenery.

    In Arizona, I like to fly out of Yuma, down on the southern border. It's desert, but it has its beauty and it's a nice airport.

    Welcome, and enjoy the sim! I'm sure others have their favorite places in the sim and will post their advice.

  • Thank you very much friends for devoting your time and knowledge to answer.

    I take good note of your advice.

    I want to make a notebook with very beautiful road maps to fly with my "king c90".

    Years ago I saw a series of very beautiful documentaries, I think it was called "The Great American Parks" of the "National Geographic" chain.

    There were forests, rivers, mountains and absolutely beautiful gorges.

    I would like to be able to fly all those same places with the textures of the wonderful Aerofly Fs2 and the hmd Htc Vive in Vr.

    I am learning to enjoy and savor the authentic pleasure of the flight with aerofly FS2.

    I come from Dcs World and although it is a very great simulator, flying in times of war does not relax the mind at all.

    In Aerofly Fs2, I have all the values to the maximum, except shadows, it looks authentically incredible !!!!!.

    Also I am backer of the hmd Pimax 8k, if all goes well and the result of this model is what they promise, it will be the most wonderful experience vr fly in Aerofly fs2 with 4k + 4k and 200 of fov !!!. Wow !!!!!.

    Friends, please any more recommendations of places and beautiful routes to fly them ???.

    Thank you very much for your help and collaboration.


  • Aerofly FS 2 is great to discover the beauty of the USA. Personally i use the list of National Monument and National Park to find beautiful places. When i choose the place i want to see i plan a VFR flight using skyvector and VFRmap.

    For example Zion national park which is beautiful in AFS2

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    But sometimes the textures resolution is too low to enjoy the scenery (generaly if the scenery is far away from an AFS2 airport). For example Capitol reef National park. Hope in the futur IPACS send high textures resolution of the protected area.

    And for California i post sometimes ago a flight i did along the Pacific crest trail.

  • Raspou thank you very much, its very important and valuable his information.

    Its possible see askyvector and vfrmap plan into the vr hmd while fly in real time

    whitout having to remove the hmd Htc Vive from my face ????


  • Mmmmmmm I'm not so sure that resolution (4k + 4k, 200 fov) can be moved by a high-end actually graphics card......:/:/:/

    Possibly, have to lower the level of detail in the games to be able to move them to that resolution.

    If I ever receive someyear the pimax 8k hmd........:D:D:D, I will check it and share with you all the results.


  • 1.tambien yo soy patrocinador de pimax 8k tengo unas ganas increibles de poder probarlas en aerofly